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The only Carrot is Avoiding the stick

The only carrot is avoiding the stick

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One flew over the cuckoos nest meets Trainspotting. A fictional story but sadly the scenario's and the actions of the characters are not just figments of the imagination. Scotland's attitude to people with a learning disability and mental health problems may just be called into question. When did Scotland last qualify for a major football tournament, Victorian Times? When did Scotland stop incarcerating vulnerable people, Victorian times? Tragically both are less than two decades ago.

It's the early eighties and Alastair Robson is at a key milestone in his life. He has become sadly aware that he can no longer blame society for his lack of gainful employment. His interest in alcohol, sex, giro's and loyalty to his best mates are not exactly setting him up for life, a fact which his girl friend and family keep reminding him of. Reluctantly and despite his best efforts he finds himself with the unenviable task of caring for unfortunates placed in a locked ward. Alistair is drawn into a world of abuse, violence and unsavory characters. Are the patients or the carers the ones who need help and how does an immature care assistant rationalise and understand the issues in a society where nobody cares. A socialist Scotsman like Alistair can only resort to humour, alcohol and women whilst exhibiting a bad case of underdog as he and a few friends takes on a hierarchy he thinks is depriving patients of their basic human rights. Not quite a true David versus Goliath encounter but a more "sleekit", "snidey" and "backstabbin" Scottish version.