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The Broken woman

Alice Mayhew is a bullied and abused wife and treated as a domestic servant by her domineering, doctor husband. Life with the controlling Geoffrey is intolerable, yet daily Alice struggles to provide a loving home for their orphaned grandchild, eight-years-old Marcy. Then one day, when her husband returns home drunk, Alice makes a discovery that forces her and Marcy to flee their home in Preston for a Scottish island where she believes she will finally be safe from Geoffrey. Or so she had thought.

George Donald


George Donald, Glasgow born, left school aged 15. Enlisting in the army aged 17 years, he served as a Royal Engineer Commando from 1971 to 1977. Upon his discharge, George joined Strathclyde Police where he served for 22 years, including 16 years as a CID officer.

Medically discharged in 1999, George returned to the police in 2001 and worked in a civilian administrative roll. He retired in 2014. Happily married for over thirty years to Anne and now residing in Hamilton, George is the proud father of three daughters, three son in laws and grandfather to Evie and Cillian.


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