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BILLY'S RUN -Deception and double crossings are common in this thriller about Glasgow and the criminal underworld. Who will prevail in the battle for power and wealth and Who will die in the murder, misery and depravation prevalent in Glasgows drug ridden schemes? George Donald takes you on a Journey into a world full of complex relationships and dasterdly plots where no one can be trusted and everyone including the police are looking over their shoulders. You won't want to put it down and very soon you'll need another fix.... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
Charlies Promise ebookCHARLIE'S PROMISE - Charlie Miller, a Glasgow city centre police Detective Sergeant, is beset with a drink problem and scorned by his supervisors. Tasked the most menial inquiries to investigate, an acute shortage of manpower thrusts Charlie, suddenly and with extreme reluctance, into investigating the death in a fire of an unidentified 14 year old girl. This death and the jibes of his peers, force Charlie to revaluate his life and investigatory skills. Adding to Charlie's problems, he is obliged to work with a female Counter Terrorism officer when it is discovered the girls family is identified as having connections with Irish extremists. To compound his problems and running parallel with Charlie's inquiry is the city centre hunt for a serial sex attacker, a murder inquiry and an apparently serious attack on an elderly priest - are any or all of these incidents connected and will Charlie stay sober long enough to find out?... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
Charlies Promise ebookA QUESTION OF BALANCE - A friendship forged in 1976 between two soldiers in the turmoil of a darkened Belfast street, continues to Glasgow where both now detective officers, they find themselves investigating a batch of adulterated heroin that threatens to decimate the city's addicts. The first deaths sets two powerful and ruthless drug barons and their gangs against each, both vying for control of the drug scene. Adding to the tension is some rogue elements among the gangsters who have their own agenda's. The detectives' investigation is further complicated by some strained relationships within the police and hampered even more by an unexpected death that shocks and demoralises them both. The author continues to crank up the tension, creating scenarios that, like a jigsaw fit piece by piece and keep the reader guessing till the final chapter.... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
Natural Justice ebookNATURAL JUSTICE - Former Royal Marine Johnny Bryce's life had not turned out as he envisaged. Caught in a loveless marriage, his daughter is his only joy. But Johnny could not have guessed the anguish he would suffer when the sons of a powerful underworld figure destroy his family. Denied justice by a system that is corrupted by the same family, Johnny's actions bring him into conflict with the very officers assigned the inquiry. But other factors come into play, not least the svelte, immoral and manipulative Mary Crowden, who has her own agenda and is prepared to use every vice at her disposal to achieve her ends. Again, the author brings together several characters and storylines that conclude by posing the question; will you sympathise or condemn a man who, betrayed by the judiciary, seeks his own, brutal form of revenge.... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
LOGAN - Critically injured after a police drug raid gone wrong, the last thing former Detective Sergeant John Logan needed was to learn of his wife's infidelity and the resulting divorce that left him almost penniless and bereft of friends. Now, barely surviving as a one-man inquiry business, with the additional burden of being lame and addicted to prescribed medicine, Logan is hired to find a missing accountant in what at first seems to be a straightforward case. But as his inquiry progresses, Logan encounters a former criminal nemesis, who is also looking for the same man, but with ruthless intent. Added to his problems, Logan must deal with former colleagues, some of whom are eager to resume a spiteful vendetta against the partially crippled Logan and, when the first body is discovered, to seize the opportunity to implicate him in murder. In this story, the author has stepped away from his usual style of story-telling and related 'Logan' from the primary characters stand-point.... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A RIPPLE OF MURDER - The discovery of the naked corpse of a young woman leads Detective Chief Inspector Lynn Massey into the murky world of the enforced prostitution of illegal immigrants. As more bodies turn up, it quickly becomes apparent that the sex-trade criminals are themselves being targeted by a vengeful foe. While the police struggle to link the murders, irresponsible media reporting accuses local fascists of involvement and the resulting tension threatens to engulf Glasgow in racial violence. Added to Massey's problems is her failing marriage and the increasing suspicion that one of her team is colluding with the very criminals she seeks to apprehend. As the story proceeds, the author draws in the lives and fears of several characters, that culminate in a violent and deadly conclusion.... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
SEEDS OF FEAR - In the dead of night, an old woman disturbs an intruder and is killed in her home in the Govan area of Glasgow. Her killer is a terrified youth being exploited by an unscrupulous and malevolent woman. As the police inquiry commences, a teenage gang, some of whose members are out of control, find easy pickings among the local pensioners. While the frightened residents of a previously respectable council housing estate lock their doors against what seems to be an outbreak of violence against the elderly, their community council chairperson Ken Moore enlists the aid of local beat cop Aileen McConnell to assure the public that the police will handle the situation. But then a second death occurs. Is there a connection between these two incidents? Once again, the author provides the reader with an insight into a troubled community, whose residents come to realise that in the darkness, nobody really feels safe. .... CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A FORGOTTEN MURDER - One dark and rain swept night a surveillance operation conducted against a ruthless armed robber goes wrong and ends in the death of a young police woman. Stunned and dismayed, her police colleagues seek a scapegoat and centre their anger on her partner, DC Tom McEwan who finds himself not only unjustly blamed for her death, but revelations about his personal relationship with the dead officer result in both his dismissal from the Force and the break-up of his marriage. Some time later, the man wanted for her murder is himself reportedly killed in an automobile accident in Spain and the case is closed. Three years later McEwan by chance catches sight of a figure within a vehicle and is shocked, because either he is seeing a ghost or the man who committed the murder is very much alive. But how does a disgraced, former cop with few friends and no resources prove his suspicion? The author invites the reader to accompany Tom McEwan - in real time - as he attempts to prove that Robbie 'Poet' Burns, wanted for the murder of DC Alice Foley, is very much alive and in doing so, becomes embroiled in even more violent death. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
KNICKER KNOCKER - Frederick Evans is quiet and reserved, not a man people noticed. Quiet and shy is how some sympathetic colleagues describe him. Weedy and furtive say others, who are not so kind. But what no-one knows is that Frederick has a hobby that was peculiar to him. In the dead of night, he enjoys creeping about the gardens of his neighbour's and nearby housing estates, searching and stealing the item that so fascinates him. The breathtaking allurement of women's lingerie. And it is during one such dark, cloudy night while out knicker-knocking that through a partially closed curtain, Frederick sees something that will change his life and present him with an unparalleled opportunity. Frederick sees a man murder his wife. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
THE CORNISHMAN - It’s May 1982 and the United Kingdom is engaged in hostilities with Argentina over a small group of islands in the South Atlantic. 
However, while the media concentrates in the main on the conflict, the investigation following the discovery of a raped and murdered young woman in a Glasgow park falls on soon to retire Detective Chief Inspector Gordon McIntosh. Conscious that the park is soon to be visited by Pope John Paul II and several hundred thousand worshippers of the Catholic faith, a disgruntled McIntosh finds himself not only under political pressure to resolve the murder within a short space of time, but also unable to trust all the officers under his command. Added to McIntosh’s problems, though the initial motive for the dead girl’s murder seems relatively straightforward, it later emerges her murder instead might be connected to her Cornish father’s chequered past with a vicious London gangster. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A PRESUMPTION OF MURDER - Glasgow based Detective Sergeant Susie Gibson is a stressed woman, for her marriage is unravelling and she has come to suspect that her husband Peter, an investment banker with a prestigious city bank, is seeing someone else. Meantime, across the city a knife wielding teenager resorts to street robberies to fund his meagre unemployment benefit in an area where a young woman is discovered stabbed to death. When DS Gibson's husband Peter is later reported to be missing, the circumstances suggest that her husband and the murder victim might have colluded in the fraudulent theft of a large sum of money from his bank. Is the murder and the theft of money linked and just what, if any, is Susie Gibson's involvement? CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A STRAIGHT FORWARD THEFT - In a bid to fund his ailing business and affluent lifestyle, Patrick McLaughlin orchestrates a deal with a London based drug dealer to flood Glasgow with Heroin and engages the local hard man and vicious sexual predator Mick Thomson to manage the running of the criminal enterprise. As Thomson's reign of terror continues, it touches the lives of not just those associated with McLaughlin's scheme, but also the police officers tasked to investigate the drug dealing as well as those family members associated with Thomson and his accomplices. What neither McLaughlin nor Thomson foresee is a trio of retired officers who frustrated at the judicial system, form a plan of action to enhance their own lifestyle. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
THE MEDAL -During the dark days of World War Two, an act of heroism that occurs at the time of the Normandy landings haunt a man throughout his life. For more than three decades, the medal awarded for his gallantry lies forgotten and ignored until one night, an intruder breaks into the mans home and steals a number of items that include the small, blue velvet box containing the award. In the aftermath of the housebreaking, a young police officer endeavours to identify the thief and recover the stolen property, unaware that his inquiries will impact on a number of people, not least the reluctant hero. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A DECENT WEE MAN - A Decent Wee Man Jimmy McGrath isn't the sort of man that people really notice, but we all know someone like him. He's the nice man who lives next door or perhaps close by in your street. Pleasant and civil to his neighbours, Jimmy, a widower, mostly keeps himself to himself but will nod and exchange a polite greeting when he passes you by. Not a man known to the police for any reason let alone trouble making, Jimmy does his very best to avoid and ignore the drug-dealing gang who in recent months begun to intimidate his neighbourhood. Being the decent man he is, Jimmy would never condone nor participate in any kind of crime or violence. Well, not until his lifelong friend is subjected to a violent street attack and robbed for that's when the mild mannered Jimmy decides that enough is enough. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
CHARLIE'S DILEMMA - The murder of four young women in Glasgow city centre should have been a straightforward investigation for DCI Charlie Miller, but during his investigation, he finds he has more to cope with than just finding a serial killer. An ambitious and determined senior officer with his own agenda and an unscrupulous, manipulative young woman individually contrive to cause Charlie almost more problems than he can handle. Following the trail of evidence, Charlie finally arrests his suspect, but his problems do not end there for the arrest results in a major dilemma; has Charlie apprehended the real killer? CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
THE SECOND AGENDA - Former cop Tom McEwan, now employed in Glasgow as a private investigator, is tasked with English investigator Gavin Blakestock to trace and identify extortionists threatening to contaminate food products sold by a Birmingham based, UK retail company. However, fearing adverse publicity and financial ruin, the company Board strictly hamper McEwan and Blakestock's investigation with the firm instruction not to involve any other agency, including the police. Set an almost impossible task, the two men race against the deadline set by the resolute extortionists who will stop at nothing to achieve their aim. Meanwhile, police in Glasgow commence the investigation into the murder of a sixteen-year-old girl found strangled in the north side of the city. Seemingly, nothing connects either inquiry; however, unbeknown to McEwan and Blakestock and the murder investigation, a beaten and abused wife might just be the key. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
THROUGH THE BRIGHTEST FELL - It's 1977 and in the Govan area of Glasgow, the search for a missing child takes a dark turn when the little girl is discovered murdered. The police officers assigned to investigate the killing face an uphill struggle as they hunt the murderer, fearing he might strike again. However, the impact of the murder ripples through the inquiry team and touches the lives of not just the detectives involved, but those who had even a tentative link to the murdered girl. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
The ADAT - Caught up in a merciless terrorist attack in Glasgow city centre that leaves a number of people dead and questions asked of the police, the aftermath of the violence results in an irrevocable and dramatic change to Constable Daisy Cooper's life. Gathering a team together for the ensuing investigation into the attack, Detective Superintendent John Glennie's inquiry is hampered individuals in positions of power who pursue their own political agenda and who will stop at nothing to ensure Glennie will not discover the true purpose of the attack. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A LOAN WITH PATSY - Former Detective Inspector Fergus 'Captain' Kirk believes he has moved on from his former life as a CID officer and for the last nine months been running his one-man inquiry agency. However, after learning of the murder of a former informant and having a curious meeting with an Inland Revenue Inspector, Kirk agrees to collect evidence against a dangerous, former nemesis. The beautiful, but vicious gangster and loan shark, Patsy Gallagher. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
A THREAD OF MURDER - Detective Inspector Davie McInnes of Giffnock CID had enough problems trying to cope with an understaffed and overworked team. However, things finally came to a head when the discovery of a woman's body in her ground floor flat set off a chain of events that was to test McInnes' ability and force him into confrontation with his boss, the ambitious and ruthless Detective Chief Inspector Sheila Goodwin. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
HARRY'S BACK - When Kieran McMenamin, a young man with no moral compass and an outstanding drug debt, decided to rob an elderly woman he could not envisage the path of violence he followed that would lead to murder. While the police sought McMenamin they had to deal with a man who also hunted him, but with his own vengeful agenda. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON
CHARLIE'S RECALL - When builders uncover a body during excavation work for a new housing development in a Lanarkshire field, Detective Superintendent Charlie Miller, now Director in charge of detective training at the Scottish Police College, finds himself recalled to operational duty and tasked to discreetly track down the killer. However, a new murder brings the inquiry to public attention and to add to his problems he encounters a former nemesis, a fellow senior detective who makes it his aim to discredit Charlie. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON


Alice Mayhew is a bullied and abused wife and treated as a domestic servant by her domineering, doctor husband. Life with the controlling Geoffrey is intolerable, yet daily Alice struggles to provide a loving home for their orphaned grandchild, eight-years-old Marcy. Then one day, when her husband returns home drunk, Alice makes a discovery that forces her and Marcy to flee their home in Preston for a Scottish island where she believes she will finally be safe from Geoffrey. Or so she had thought. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON


It's a rainy September night in 1977 and in the Control Room of Govan Police office, it becomes apparent that a young police woman patrolling alone is not responding to radio calls. However, circumstances during the search for the missing officer suggest she has been assaulted or perhaps even abducted. While her uniformed colleagues and the CID desperately try to locate her, it seems that an elderly vagrant might have information about what has happened to Constable Lesley Rudd. But then as the search continues it takes a disturbing twist when it is assessed that a notorious drug dealing gangster might be involved in her disappearance. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON


The murder of her six years old granddaughter Beth almost broke Maggie Brogan, but to her surprise she found an inner strength that helped her survive the ensuing months after her granddaughter's body was discovered for she needed to be strong; strong enough to support her grief-stricken daughter Liz who after attempting to take her own life is confined to a psychiatric hospital. Then Maggie learns that the police investigation into Beth's murder is to be wound down for it seems the police have given up on finding Beth's killer. Maggie's resolve wavers, but just when it seems to her she has nowhere to turn a disgraced and tenacious Detective Sergeant gives Maggie new hope. CLICK COVER TO DOWNLOAD FROM AMAZON