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This section features two up and coming authors in an effort to promote and support Scottish writing.

The first is a friend , old colleague and neighbour of mine, Malky, who wrote this book using the pseudonym Ethrick Brown. Part of the challenge for the reader is to work out the significance of who is Ethrick Brown. I'll leave that with you. I have read his book and can recommend it. It is hilarious with really rich characters. It even features a couple of characters from my own novels. Malky helped me get started online and he sorted out this website for me so give his book a try.

Nothing ever happens in North Berwick

The Somali Pirate Adventure

Somali pirate adventure North Berwick Book cover

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The second is written by Colin MacPherson who was a nursing assistant in the early eighties and experienced first hand the horrendous state of affairs he draws on, for his book. He now lectures in learning disability nursing at Edinburgh University. He has five wonderful children and two wonderful step children. He lives with his partner Hazel in a beautiful coastal town in Scotland. His ambition is to have more children (ha ha, that will be right) and perhaps write another book??

The only Carrot is Avoiding the Stick

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