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Ethrick Brown Judgement day

Nothing ever happens in North Berwick

The Somali Pirate Adventure

Who is Ethrick Brown?

If you don't figure that out quickly then your IQ may be suitable for inclusion in the County Hotel Darts Team.

The Somali Pirate Adventure story was ignited by a drunken night out, typical of many other drunken nights all over Scotland. The suggestion, "someone should write a book about it", started a project which gave the author lots of laughs, pleasure and satisfaction. Hopefully this will be passed on to the readers. The book was written to achieve three things: To tell a good story, to give regulars in the pub a cameo role and to promote North Berwick. Apparently it does all three well.

Will the Somali Pirate Adventure be the first of a "Nothing Ever Happens in North Berwick" series? Only if the authors liver doesn't give up first!

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A couple of pints. That was the plan. On the face of it a simple objective but Scottish drinking plans are fluid and complex affairs. That aside, How far off course could the quest for a couple of beers in the quiet coastal town of North Berwick go? Two lagers, an assault on Somalia in search of pirates, the involvement of gangsters, terrorists, National Security Services and a packet of crisps please. That is surely stretching it a bit far. Forget the crisps then.

Please drink responsibly because even in a small town, like North Berwick, where nothing ever happens, an impulsive approach to alcohol can result in some seriously weird and unintended consequences.

A tale of drink, drunks and National Security.